Canberra Spiders: Garden Orb-Weaver


Canberra Garden Orb SpiderEriophora and Araneus species
Family: Araneidae

Eriophora are large, humped spiders, variable in colour and with a leafshaped pattern on the back. They build large orb webs between bushes and prey on flying insects, particularly moths. The many smaller Araneus species are similar in shape and habit to Eriophora, and some are brightly coloured with metallic hues. Orb spiders build intricate webs at twilight and later destroy and devour them in the early hours of the morning, leaving guide lines to mark their position. During the day orb spiders hide in crevices or vegetation, concealed by their cryptic colouration. Many species have the ability to change their colour to blend with the surface in which they are resting. Orb spiders are not aggressive and bites are rare.

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