Ant Invasion!

We had little black ants everywhere in the kitchen cupboards and within a day of A1 pest control service, the problem was gone. Having house cats, we were a little concerned with the chemicals, but we had no issues at all and the house pets were safe.


Rats in chook shed.

We were experiencing some problems with rats in our chook shed that I just couldnt get under control, so I gave Gordon and Rachel  from A1 Professional Pest Control a call whom I've been dealing with for over 7 years now. Gordon came out and after inspecting, placed some bait stations, and within a week, no more rats!
Thanks guys I recommend you to anyone that has a pest problem.


Noises in my roof.

Thanks guys! I would like to thank you for helping me and being so prompt with your service. Rachel was great and Gordon was very thorough. Thanks again and I will recommend you to my friends!


Termite inspections

A1 Professional Pest Control do the pest inspections for our body corporate. I was really impressed with their thoroughness and professionalism. Will be using them again this year for our pest inspection!


Professional service

Very professional,reliable and helpful.
Thank you


aaarrrgghhh Termites!!

Had a terrible termite problem in my house but with the help of A1 Professional Pest Control and their A1 team the problem was solved.
Thanks A1!


Great Service!

It's so nice to support a family run Canberra Business!


Very happy!

Prompt and professional service, recommend to all of my friends and family.



When we found termites in our bathroom doorway we were distraught. We called a few companies for quotes and A1 Professional Pest Control was one. We ended up going with A1 Professional Pest Control (Gordon and Rachel) over the other companies, as A1’s comprehensive approach was much more thorough and from the initial assessment we already felt assured that Gordon could get rid of the termites destroying our beautiful home. The other companies had suggested putting termite bait stations around our house and they would check these stations for up to 6 months (which just sounded like the standard procedure they do on any home, regardless of the infestation). A1 Professional Pest Control’s approach was far more detailed to our situation (which was not looking good). They acted fast even though it was the Xmas holiday period, digging out and treating the whole perimeter of our house and underneath with a cutting edge termite solution (that is safe for humans and animals) that began to disable the termites within hours. Gordon and his team tirelessly worked on our home for many months and came back countless times (without fuss or extra charge outside of the agreed price) to make sure our home was responding well to the treatment and complete further preventative measures, like an automatic ventilation system under our house. Gordon was very understanding and patient was us, he spent many phone calls explaining processes and assuring us, which was a very time consuming process for him! Termites can be very tricky to remove and most importantly prevent. It’s been a 10 month process for us, which had its ups and downs. We are now termite free! Through this whole time Gordon was on call and always worked hard and showed up when he said he would. A1 has been extremely professional and very friendly to deal with. It has been easy to make appointments with A1 accommodating to our work schedules. Honestly words can’t describe how happy we are that we chose A1 Professional Pest Control and would recommend them to anyone that has a pest problem. They protected our life investment, when our insurance company just turned us away. Thank you.

Jared and Lara

Flying ants!!

Gordon & Rachel, thankyou for prompt, professional & thorough service and termite inspection & comprehensive reports. Much appreciated.


Spiders everywhere!

Couldn't be happier with these guys. I had spiders and cob webs everywhere. I was knocking down webs weekly but it wasnt working. Since having my house sprayed I haven't had to do this. Oh and my girlfriend isn't afraid to come around anymore. Thankyou!


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